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Donald's career in the entertainment industry spans over 30 years working with the major studios. He started as a production assistant, advancing to assistant editor, stage manager, and lighting for the stage. Whenever time permitted, Donald worked on independent productions for film, television, theatre, and large concerts and events. He also has taken time to assist and mentor new filmmakers whenever possible. Donald's retirement in 2018 has brought him some enjoyable activities and lazy days...

We are moving from California to a new exciting location. We will keep you informed.


Any inquiries? Send an email to:

info dot cadt @ icloud dot com

CADT is Carmen's personal quest, designed to ignite the talent of emerging artists to Imagine-Create-Present. After moving to Los Angeles many years ago, Carmen managed to squeeze some freelance work in film production between her 9-5 job and family life. She also enjoys video editing, graphic design, photography, and traditional arts.


At present, she is focused on the development of Cine Arts Dance Theatre and looks forward to working together with up-and-coming artists.


CADT is a passion undertaking, designed for everyone regardless of your level of expertise, or where you are at in your personal lifespan.


We engage with creatives and emerging artists from a variety of disciplines in the making of original short stories for the crafts of cinema, arts, dance, and theatre.


We invite you to come along with us in this challenging fun journey to build a strong supportive productive community focusing to further creative expression.